Editorial Staff

Co-Founder and Publisher: Aaron Moss

Law Law Land was co-founded by Aaron Moss, whose repeated attempts to cash out his shares in the fledging enterprise and retire to Costa Rica have so far proven unsuccessful.  As a result, he continues to contribute to and supervise the blog, which generally consists of reminding Ken to be funny but not in a way that gets the firm sued.  In his spare time, Aaron serves as the Chair of Greenberg Glusker’s Litigation Group, where he handles a variety of entertainment litigation matters, often involving copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property.


Arbiter of Good Taste:  Elisabeth Moriarty

Law Law Land’s Seven Second Delay button is manned by a woman, Elisabeth Moriarty, a Greenberg Glusker lawyer who specializes in litigating high profile disputes involving profit participation, motion picture production and distribution, rights ownership, copyright and trademark infringement, and other entertainment-related conflicts.  Far from being the Will H. Hays of our blog, Elisabeth embraces wince-inducing puns, edgy links and the occasional potty joke, particularly in her own posts.   She helps maintain Law Law Land’s integrity through her hypnotic powers of persuasion and her recognition that our readers don’t want tuna with good taste; they want tuna that tastes good.



Blog Administrator: Brian Berman

Law Law Land is administered by Brian Berman, a Greenberg Glusker estate planning attorney whose practice focuses on advising high net worth individuals and families on issues involving tax planning, wealth transfer, business succession, non-profit organizations and post-death trust administration. Brian is an internet entrepreneur and programmer who wandered into law school, liked what he heard and stayed a while. Brian lends his technical talents to Law Law Land to ensure that it stays up and running smoothly. You can also find Brian guest posting on Law Law Land, which the editorial staff allows only because he can bring down the site with a single keystroke if they don’t allow it.





Editors Emeritus

Editor-In-Chief Emeritus:  Dan Nabel

Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief Emeritus: Ken Basin