Somewhere in Sun Valley earlier this month (where the nation’s media moguls met to celebrate yet another corporate boondoggle), someone must be paraphrasing FDR: “July 7, 2010, a date which will live in infamy.” For that day saw two multi-million dollar jury verdicts against media companies in favor of profit participants. In the first (and biggest), Celador Productions, the creators of Who Wants To Be A Millionairewon nearly $270 million in unpaid profit participations from Disney. Only hours later, Don Johnson won $23 million from Rysher for his 50% share of profits from the Nash Bridges (one wonders what, if anything, Cheech got). Coming on the heels of Alan Ladd’s appeal court victory over Warner Bros. in his profit participation case — about which all of our regular readers should now be experts — you can imagine the angst building in Hollywood.