This evening, the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles will be staging “The Trial of Hamlet,” a unique opportunity for law geeks and Elizabethan England geeks to find common ground in mutual geekdom. [Important linguistic clarification: for our purposes, the term “nerd” refers to general intellectualism and personality, while “geek” refers to a more narrow area of interest/expertise/obsession, e.g., “Star Trek geek.”] Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will preside over a trial determining the competency of Hamlet to stand trial for the murder of Polonius, with a jury including actors Helen Hunt and Tom Irwin making the final call.

While the event is (depending on your perspective, fortunately or unfortunately) sold out, if you’re interested and/or desperately looking for distractions while working late, Law Law Land’s esteemed editor will be live-tweeting the event from about 7:30 pm PST forward. Follow along at the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles’ Twitter page.

[Correction!: As of 12:20 p.m. PST, tickets are still available here!]

[Correction, Part 2: Correction’s Revenge!: OK, as of 12:30 p.m. PST, they’re out again. Sorry.]